The Twitter Mastery Lab is in full swing now. I can say that I'm happy to have students who are not just members of the Lab, but I can say that I'm helping business owners take action.


That is the #1 goal for the creation of the Lab in the first place. I love teaching and helping others to achieve their dreams using Twitter Marketing techniques that truly get results.

Yes, I have been a bit quite because I'm been working my buns off creating quality content that you'll be able to use to boost your brand's visibility without living on Twitter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I know the course material has been extremely useful, because you all have told me so. In the near future I will be rolling out more material to make your Twitter profiles even MORE powerful. Profiles that will work as part of your sales funnel.

Stay tuned for MORE...

Elizabeth Hall

Your Twitter Marketing Specialist